Rubber lined butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator

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Single acting or double acting

with emergency handwheel. Can be with ASCO solenoid Valve,SIMENS Positioner,ABB positioner,YTC positioner,Fisher positioner,Mesto Positioner,SMC filter,APL limit switch ect

The rubber lined butterfly valve adopts the central line cavity rubber lined structure. The body and disc are lined with synthetic rubber or the body is lined with rubber,like EPDM,NBR,Hypalon ect, and the disc is made of high quality alloy steel,Stainless steel,UB6 904l ect so as to effectively avoid the corrosion of the valve by media. It has good sealing performance. The butterfly valve is widely used as an ideal solution to control and shut-off applications of water, air, petroleum, etc.

Parameters of control valves:

Trim features: central line structure
rubber lined trim
Body type: straight-through type
Bonnet type: standard integral type
Flow characteristic: approximately equal percentage
Size: DN50-1000(2”-40”)
Pressure class: PN1.0、1.6Mpa(ANSI 150LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅳ(standard type seat)
Pipe connection type: wafer type ,
flange type
Applicable temperature range: -30C° ~ 180C°
Actuator type: pneumatic piston actuator
electric actuator
worm gear hand operating

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