Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Short Description:

Product name: Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Size:DN15- 50

Pressure:1.6- 4.0Mpa


Body Material: WCB

Connection: Flange,Internal Thread

Temperature: <=350℃

MediumSteam, Water


Product Detail

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Product name: Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap supplierFeatures:1.Tt has the steam or air thermal insulation device,which will not be affected by the environmental humidity.It reduces the frequency of motion and lengthens the lifetime.2.It is equipped with filter and drain valve.

3.It is sensitive and reliable in operation with large capacity.

Working Principle:

Thermodynamics steam trap works by moving valve block ups and downs.When the valve block is jacked uo,the condensation water will be drained out.And when the steam gets into it,the valve block will closr tightly.


It is suitable for steam piping and steam equipment.It can prevent the leakage of steam and drain condensation water,which thus cansave energy and prevent water hammer situation and the trouble caused by it.

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