Inspection before valve installation

① Carefully check whether the valve model and specifications meet the requirements of the drawings.

② Check whether the valve stem and valve clapper open flexibly, and whether there is jamming or skewing.

③ Check whether the valve is damaged, whether the thread of the threaded valve is correct and intact.

④ Check whether the connection between the valve seat and the valve body is firm, the connection between the valve disc and the valve seat, the valve cover and the valve body, and the valve stem and the valve disc.

⑤ Check whether the valve gasket, packing and fasteners (bolts) are suitable for the requirements of the nature of the working medium.

⑥ The pressure reducing valve that is outdated or left for a long time should be disassembled, and debris such as dust and sand should be cleaned with water.

⑦ Clear the port cover and check the degree of sealing. The valve disc must be closed tightly.

Post time: Jul-13-2021
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