General regulations for valve installation

  1. The valve installation position should not hinder the operation, disassembly and overhaul of the equipment, pipeline and valve body itself, and the aesthetic appearance of the assembly should be taken into consideration.

2. For valves on horizontal pipelines, the valve stem should be installed upwards, or installed at a certain angle, and the handwheel should not be installed downwards. The valve, valve stem and handwheel on the high-altitude pipeline can be installed horizontally, and the valve can be opened and closed remotely with a vertical low chain.

3. The arrangement is symmetrical, neat and beautiful; the valve on the standpipe, if the process permits, the valve handwheel is most suitable for operation with chest height, generally 1.0-1.2m from the ground, and the valve stem must follow the operator Direction installation.

4. Valves on side-by-side risers should have the same centerline elevation, and the clear distance between handwheels should not be less than 100mm; valves on side-by-side horizontal pipes should be installed staggered to reduce the distance between the pipes.

5. When installing heavier valves on water pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment, a valve bracket should be provided; when the valve is frequently operated and installed at a distance of more than 1.8m from the operating surface, a fixed operating platform should be provided.

6. If there is an arrow mark on the valve body, the direction of the arrow is the flow direction of the medium. When installing the valve, make sure that the arrow points in the same direction as the medium flow in the pipeline.

7. When installing flanged valves, ensure that the end faces of the two flanges are parallel and concentric with each other. Double gaskets must not be used.

8. When installing a threaded valve, in order to facilitate disassembly, a threaded valve should be equipped with a union. The setting of the union should consider the convenience of maintenance, usually the water flows through the valve first and then through the union.

Post time: Jul-13-2021
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