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The high performance butterfly valve adopts the design of double-eccentric structure. The shaft carries out double deviation from the structural center of the body and makes the disc leave the sealing seat instantly when it is opened in conjunction with the arc sealing face design of the disc, so as to reduce the friction of the sealing face. The disc has good sealing performance during closing. In addition to realizing effective compensation for the seat seal, the central self-positioning sealing seat structure design and the unique seat compensation sealing design reduce the friction during opening and closing, greatly reduce the operating force of the valve and effectively enhance the control precision of the butterfly valve. The 70E00 Series butterfly valve is featured by stable and reliable sealing performance, long service life, etc. It is suitable for control and shut-off applications of common corrosive gases and liquid media.

नियंत्रण वाल्व के पैरामीटर:

ट्रिम विशेषताएं: डबल विलक्षण संरचना
मुआवजा प्रकार सीलिंग सीट
डिस्क चाप सतह सीलिंग
शरीर के प्रकार: सीधे के माध्यम से प्रकार
बोनट के प्रकार: मानक अभिन्न प्रकार
प्रवाह विशेषता: लगभग बराबर प्रतिशत
आकार: DN50-1000 (2 "-40")
दबाव वर्ग: PN1.6,4.0 (एएनएसआई 150,300LB)
रिसाव वर्ग: ASME B16.104 Ⅵ (मानक प्रकार सीट)
पाइप कनेक्शन प्रकार: वेफर प्रकार,
निकला हुआ किनारा प्रकार
लागू तापमान रेंज: -30 C ° ~ 250C °
Actuator के प्रकार: वायवीय पिस्टन actuator
बिजली actuator
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