Classifications and Benefits of Usage of Gate Valves

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A gate valve is a device which helps to control the flow of liquid through the pipes. Found mostly on the wider section of the pipes, these valves are affixed to the pipe lines to either start or stop the flow of water or any other kind of liquid. These valves are fixed to most of the pipes in homes and commercial centers. There are different types of valves used for various purposes. This article describes some of the most important varieties and its various functions.

Various Classifications

This is classified separately according to its wedges and its stem. These valves have specific stems attached to it. Some of the stems rise when the valve is opened and such valves are known as the rising stem valve. The stem of these descend when the valve is closed. These kinds are not suitable when there is space constraint.

The non-rising stem valve is another variety of gate valve. The stem of these valves neither ascend nor descend when the valves are opened and closed. It remains at the same position. These kinds of valves are used in underground tunnels and places where there is little space.

Gate valves are also distinguished on the basis of wedges. Valves with a solid wedge include simple but strong construction. It can therefore be used for all types of liquids, including strong liquids. As it involves simple construction, it involves less complication and maintenance. It is therefore used in most of the pipe lines.

Valves with flexible wedges are yet another variety which has the ability to with stand varying climatic conditions. These valves are very flexible and can be used for many purposes. The parallel side valve is a common flexible wedge valve which is commonly used in many areas.

Another variety of gate valve is the split wedge valve which is ideal for non-condensing gas and corrosive liquids.

Further, This can be distinguished according to the various bonnet styles. Screw-in bonnets are usually used for small applications as it is involves simple functioning. Bolted bonnets are used for large valves as it is suitable for complex applications.

Use of Various Materials: Different materials are used for manufacturing these valves. Some valves are made of brass where as some are made of iron. Stainless steel, cast iron, alloy steel, forged steel and so forth is also used to manufacture valves.

Basic Functions and Advantages

Basically the valves are used to either halt or start the flow of water. It can either be used to fully open or fully close the flow of liquid or water. Partial flow of water or liquid is impossible with the use of these types of valves. Partially opened valves can causes irrevocable damage to the pipe lines.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages of using gate valves. It helps to completely shut down the flow of liquid. It is therefore known to have incomparable sealing properties. The durability of the pipes can be assured as the loss of pressure is minimal with the use of these valves. Today these valves can be bought from any of the leading online business portals at attractive prices.

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