PFA alineat Vàlvula de comporta

Descripció breu:

Nom del producte: revestiment de PFA vàlvula de comporta

Material del cos: WCB, ASTM A395, CF8, CF8M

Material de revestiment: PTFE, PFA, PO, FEP

Diàmetre nominal: DN25-DN350

Valoració: Class150, PN10, PN16

Operació: Manual, engranatges gastats, elèctric, pneumàtic actuador

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Descripció del producte: Gate valve can be divided into rising stem gate valve, which refers to the disc doing lift movement in straight line along with the valve stem, and nonrising stem gate valve which refers to the stem nut located in the disc, when the stem rotates, the disc doing lift movement in straight line. GMK adopt new structure, therefore, no inconvenient operation or dead-clamp phenomenon, caused by the medium of particles and fiber of the inside screw nonrising stem type gate valve, Thus it can be installed in all position.They are commonly used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, paper, hydropower, environment protection etc.


Paràmetre del producte: material de revestiment: PFA, PTFE, FEP, GXPO etc;
Mètodes d'operació: Manual, engranatge de cargol, actuador pneumàtic

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